Piggy bank or modern art? Either way, we're not buying it

Saving money is cool, but puzzle solving — hey, that's where the real fun begins. If only there were some way to combine the two… oh, hold on, what's this? The Kässeli Piggy Bank is sold disassembled, so you first have to put together the bank before you can start putting money in it. When it gets full, just tear it down to get at your coins.

Obviously the designers, Brigitta and Benedikt Martig-Imhof, weren't thinking that literally when they called this thing a piggy bank, instead going for something that would look more appropriate on a shelf at MoMA. We're not complaining, but we're not about to spend $149 on this glorified LEGO toy either. What would we have left to put in?

Click Continue to see a close-up of the Kässeli Piggy Bank.


Via Generate