Philippe Starck Crystal Clear watch is anything but, still gorgeous

Since we have plenty of solid, watch-wearing Republicans trolling DVICE, we figured we'd make them scratch their heads, nonplussed by this phantasmagoric Crystal Clear watch created by obviously left-wing designer Philippe Starck. Since everyone's for change, this watch should make everybody happy, especially since we're all getting to be so flexible in our ideology and personal taste these days. Besides, it's easy to read, no matter how dumb you are.

This latest design risk by Starck was commissioned by one of his usual-suspect clients, Fossil, known for its forwardly designed timepieces and such. Since we're fond of our Oregon Scientific Starck Clock we have sitting right here that perfectly matches this watch in amber color, numeral font and overall weirdness, this $125 bauble should fit right into our style zeitgeist, whatever our political bent-of-the-day may be.

Fossil, via Geeky Gadgets