Park your drink on this plate, and it's like giving yourself an extra hand

A lot of our readers like the idea of easing the process of scarfing down beaucoups de hors doeuvres, quaff liquor and socialize at the same time. They reacted favorably to those FingerFood plates that you wear like a ring that we showed you last week. It turns out there are additional ideas aiming to solve that same problem — this one is for wine drinkers, giving you a place to park that vino glass and giving you a much bigger plate to work with at the same time.

Alas, this is just a design concept by German design firm Sternform thus far, but at least platemakers are starting to think about how their products are actually used. Now if the creators of that FingerFood idea could get together with these guys, they'd have a bigger plate that gives you your other hand back, and might satisfy a real man, too. Meanwhile, they might consider creating a plate into which you can hang other types of glasses, or for us, the entire bottle.

Sternform, via Trendsnow (French)