Panasonic PT-AE3000 front projector has side-by-side picture adjust (about time!)

While Panasonic's latest front projector has plenty of features to admire — full HD (1080p) resolution, easy display of extremely wide aspect ratios, and all the image processing you could want — I say it's most useful ability is side-by-side picture adjustment. When you want to tweak the picture (and we know you do), just engage the projector's Split Adjust mode, which splits the screen into two halves: make adjustments on one, and compare with the original settings on the other.

I have to ask: why did it take this long for manufacturers to give us such a mind-bogglingly useful feature? Not only would this finally let regular joes make picture adjustments like the pros, but it means home theater owners can do their own before-after demos to friends when they really want to show off their sets ("Just check out that kick-ass color, Dave!"). Get this feature in all HDTVs now!

Via Panasonic