Oversized Yes No Wrench, the perfect tool to adjust stubborn heads

Find someone isn't agreeing with you? Or saying yes when they should say no? Grab a Yes No Wrench and adjust the offending head accordingly. Gently, now — DVICE doesn't take any responsibility for twisted necks.

The Yes No Wrench is the work of student David Bernstein, and it's got two ends specifically cut to fit a head either horizontally or vertically. Vertically, you could force a head to nod; horizontally, it'll cause it to shake side to side. I imagine young, experimental art students, like Bernstein — who goes to New York's Pratt Institute — find the Wrench a handy companion in the face of grumpy teachers (and art bashers).

Check out the gallery below for more of the Yes No Wrench.

Via David Bernstein