OSIM uSpace: a massage chair that could double as an escape pod

We enjoy sci-fi inspired styling here DVICE, and the OSIM uSpace doesn't disappoint. It's a full-body massage chair with a warmed seat and sensors that guide its airbag-style massaging cushions. Rather than just nubs that push into you like your average massage chair, the airbags surround whatever is being rubbed and apply an enveloping sense of pressure.

Sure, that's cool, but you're probably wondering what's up with that crazy escape pod shell at the head of the chair. Well, that's kind of what it is: It's a music-playing enclosure that will cycle through three different mood lighting programs, and sync up with your MP3 player to boot. On its website, OSIM says the shell was inspired by butterfly cocoons.

The OSIM uSpace seems well equipped to help you getaway for a little while, though it also costs as much as a vacation at $6,000. (Just between me and you, I'm hoping a uNaming meme doesn't become the next iSore.)

OSIM, via Selfridges & Co