Oregon Scientific weather station uploads data to PC via USB

The first day of autumn reared its lovely head this morning, and that makes us even more interested in keeping an eye on the weather. Oregon Scientific, the king of weather stations, just made it easier with this basic station that uploads temp and humidity data to your PC via USB. Launch the included software, and you'll suddenly be able to track trends as the days get shorter, the temperatures plummet, and summer fades away into a distant memory.

Oregon Scientific's vast array of weather stations are all stylish and reliable, and their wireless outdoor temperature sensors are surprisingly powerful. It's a kick to see how cold it got last night, and at the end of this winter, you'll be the go-to guy when people want to know which day was the coldest. This one's even smart enough to warn you of frost, storms and more. Not a bad deal for $90.

Oregon Scientific
, via Oh Gizmo