Nintoaster combines NES with a toaster with predictably great results

If you're going to insist on keeping an ancient console like the original NES hooked up to your TV when there are plenty of other ways to play retro games, you might as well be creative about it. Sure, while you could just use emulation to play these games or download them to the Wii's Virtual Console, neither of those options will make it look like you have a toaster plugged into your TV.

This cleverly-named Nintoaster mod? It does just that. Allowing you to insert NES cartridges like so many pieces of bread to be toasted, the front lever actually acts as a power switch. It's a pretty nice, slick-looking mod, one that any self-respecting nerd would love to show off to his or her nerd friends when they came over. Unfortunately, this is a custom job, so you won't be able to pick it up on the shelves of Best Buy anytime soon.

StupidFingers, via Engadget