Neuton CE 6.2 electric mower mulches grass, your carbon footprint

Vermont-based Neuton’s newest electric lawnmower, the Neuton CE 6.2, has a simple plan: giving you more muscle to mulch while cutting back your carbon footprint (since you won't be burning gas) and wallet emissions (that you'd spend on said fuel). The rechargeable heart of this mower is a removable, recyclable 36-volt battery, giving it enough power mow down that tall, wet grass left by summertime procrastinators.

Each charge takes about eight hours and runs for up to an hour, depending on grass conditions. Depending on your electricity prices, that charge costs about a dime. Compare that to $4 for a gallon of gas. With its 19-inch blade, the Neuton can tackle a typical urban yard on a single charge, but if you’re a corner-lot snob, you can buy an extra battery, drop it in, and finish the job.

The 69-pound mower sells for $449 — about $100 more than a typical gas-powered model — and an accessory pack of an extra battery, mower blade and trimmer attachment is another $165. But factor in gas savings and the Environmental Protection Agency's plans to ensure all gas engines under 25 horsepower (like those in lawnmowers) will need catalytic converters by 2011 to cut down emissions, you could come ahead over time.

Via Neuton Inc.