Nero brings TiVo goodness to PCs

Two of our favorite things just got together: TiVo, and using a computer in our home theater. Nero, makers of DVD burning software, finally made good on its year-long promise and released a package of TiVo software you can install on a PC, giving it almost all the same capabilities of a TiVo personal video recorder (PVR).

The $199 bundle includes a TV tuner, that iconic bone-shaped TiVo remote, and the software with that famed TiVo user interface. If you already have a TV tuner in your PC, you can get the TiVo software alone for $99. Both choices include a year's worth of the TiVo service.

The bad news? You'll have to pay $99 per year to keep the service going after that first year, and its ability to work with CableCARD digital tuners hasn't been quite tested yet. But since we completely dumped the price-gouging Time Warner Cable here, that CableCARD question is a moot point, not bothering us one bit. TiVo, on a PC? We can hardly wait until its October 15th release. Check out this quartet of screen shots, which will look familiar to TiVo aficionados:

The Wall Street Journal, via Ubergizmo