Navy's 'Batman' boat can take on all comers

The Navy has a new boat in its arsenal, and it's not afraid of drug runners or pirates. The new boat, called the Stiletto and dubbed the Batman Boat by enthusiasts, is an 80-foot, 60-ton, $6 million experimental ship that can tool around in extremely shallow waters at up to 60 knots. How well does it work? Listen to this badass story:

In the early days of August, a suspected drug-running boat zoomed through the Straits of Florida, trying to outrun her American pursuers. The drug boat zigged and zagged near reefs and sandbars at 42 knots, and skimmed over water as little as five feet deep. Ordinarily, that would have been enough shake off any Coast Guard cutter or Navy frigate chasing her -- those vessels can't be in such shallow water. But this pursuer kept coming, and coming. Finally, after two hours, the drug boat ran out of gas. During their interrogations, the drug-running suspects said it was like being chased by a UFO.
Seriously, how sweet is that? Look out, drug runners: the Batman Boat is out there, and it'll get you in the darkest of nights.

Via DangerRoom