Monowheel bikes used in the Olympics closing ceremony now on sale

Now you can buy one of those kooky monowheel cycles you saw in the Olympics closing ceremony. Plunk down your $1700 and you'll have a collector's item on your hands, reminding you of how techno-hip and far ahead of us those Chinese people are. But wait, they must have gotten the idea to use these bikes by reading DVICE. Xie xie for the visit to our site, you way-cool Olympics producers.

They're calling this awkward contraption the Monovelo, which is probably the Chinese way to say "monowheel." It's not clear whether those nifty LED lights used in the extravaganza are included in the deal. If you want one of these monocycles, you're going to need to learn a whole new way of bike riding — you steer by shifting your weight, so only the coordinated or serious collector need apply.

Monovelo, via Coolest Gadgets