Mind-reading hostility detector on its way to an airport near you

Okay, we were just kidding around yesterday with that (actually legitimate) idea for a lie-detecting headband, but now we've found another device that takes a similar concept way, way too far. Here's FAST (Future Attribute Screening Technologies), a system the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is testing that measures facial expressions, pupil dilation, pulse/breathing rates, and skin temperature to determine if someone has hostile intent.

Testing the system with 140 paid volunteers, DHS says it's 79% accurate on hostility and 80% on deception. This is just creepy. Isn't there a law about search and seizure, privacy, anything? Never mind the U.S. Constitution, just protect us from evildoers no matter what, Big Brother. What if someone is just angry at a roommate or girlfriend? It sounds like the DHS should borrow a new name: the Pre-Crime Division, lifted from fiction to fact, right out of Minority Report.

New Scientist, via Newlaunches