Microsoft cuts Xbox 360 prices

Wait, hold on! Don't buy an Xbox 360 today! Phew, that was close. Did I get you in time? I just wanted to make sure you knew the Xbox 360 gets $50 cheaper tomorrow.

The one with the big hard drive (which is black and also comes with its own HDMI cable) is now $400, the one with the small hard drive is $300, and the one with no hard drive (a.k.a. the "retard pack," because you're just going to have to buy an overpriced hard drive anyway, you retard) is $200. Actually, the retard pack was $280, so it got a price cut by $80. But it's still not enough to buy a hard drive, so don't think you're going to get a functional Xbox 360 for less than $300.

You're on the right track, Microsoft! Now how about lifting that silly monthly fee for Xbox Live?

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