USB flowers are a breath of any kind of air you want

Remember that six-PCs-in-one-sweet-glowing-box setup we showed you? Well, designer Fredrik Perman isn't all about raw processing power. He also has a softer, sweeter-smelling side: flower-shaped USB fragrance oil warmers. The units are designed to burn all kinds of fragrant oil, so you could add a little pep to your workspace from floral scents to, well, just about any oil you wanted. This isn't the first USB fragrance warmer we've ever seen, but it's one of the prettiest. Maybe hippie tech does have a chance after all.

Perman has already worked out all of the internals and he tells us that this USB Flower design is factory-ready, but unless someone manufactures it it'll remain just a concept. Check out the gallery below for more flowery goodness from Fredrik Perman.

Via Fredrik Perman