Large Hadron Collider woes delay tests until next year

A failure within the Large Hadron Collider facility caused around a hundred magnets to overheat. As if that wasn't bad enough, a leak caused by a faulty electrical connection saw its 27-kilometer-long ring to be flooded with a ton of liquid helium. Sounds like a hell of a lot of cleanup, and it turns out that it may take the LHC crew longer to get the experiments back underway than previously thought, as we're now hearing that the LHC won't start accelerating and smashing particles until sometime next year, after its scheduled winter shutdown (which helps save money on electricity).

From the LHC press release:

A full investigation is underway, but it is already clear that the sector will have to be warmed up for repairs to take place. This implies a minimum of two months down time for LHC operation. For the same fault, not uncommon in a normally conducting machine, the repair time would be a matter of days.

If all you wanted this Christmas was to learn about the mysteries of the universe, you'll have to ask Santa next time.

BBC News, via Gizmodo