Krell speakers cost more than a Hummer, weigh more than an NFL linebacker

Krell has long been known in audiophile circles as making some of the most uncompromising electronics out there, but few are aware that they also make some of the gnarliest speakers. Shown here next to Krell co-founder Dan D'Agostino, is the new Modulari Duo, unveiled at the CEDIA show on Thursday. Hook them up to a pair of Krell's $25,000 each Evolution One amps, and you could probably stun small animals from a distance of 100 yards.

Hewn from solid slabs of aluminum and weighing in at around 300 pounds each, it's unlikely a burglar will be making off with your Modularis anytime soon. Still, if you can swing a $65,000 pair of speakers, you probably have pretty good security system.

Krell Industries