Kodak debuts world's first wireless OLED picture frame

That digital picture frame on your desk is looking a little bulkier this morning. Kodak just announced a new kind of frame that uses an OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screen instead of an LCD. OLEDs, as anyone knows, are much thinner than the LCD panels that are typically used in frames, since they don't need a backlight. The 7.6-inch Kodak frame also has a sensor that adjusts the brightness of the screen to match the ambient light, and you get the vivid color that OLEDs are known for.

Hi ho, it doesn't stop there. The frame has Wi-Fi built in, able to connect your home network to access photos on your PC or the Internet. Sweet! If you can e-mail pics right to the frame — like that one from eStarling — we're sold. It has 2GB of memory onboard to store media.

While digital frames still have a lot of problems to overcome if they're ever going to shake their reputation as tacky commodity gadgets, this Kodak OLED frame represents progress, and we're all for that. Is it $999 (the retail price) of progress? What the hell — you've got to start somewhere.

Via Kodak