The Jumbo Airplane Hotel is one plane you'll feel good crashing in

The Boeing 747-200 that has been reappropriated as the Jumbo Hostel has a rich history. Under Transjet Airways, it ferried Muslim pilgrims to Mecca on top of global charter flights. It was grounded in 2002, and seemed destined to sit on a runway at Sweden's Arlanda Airport until entrepreneur Oscar Diös acquired it in '06.

Now, the stripped, insulated and sanitized interior of the 747 has gone from 450 seats to 25 compartmentalized rooms, and features a cafeteria on its second floor. Your wallet won't be light enough to fly after a night in the jet, either — true to its hostel name, Diös promises cheap rates when the plane opens up for its first bookings ever this December.

Me, though, I'm skipping. I spend a night in a jet far too often. It's called flying back home to Houston for my mother's atrocious unique cooking. Love ya, mom.

Check out more of the Jumbo Hostel in the gallery below.

Jumbo Hostel, via Gizmodo