Infrared Lie Detector could be handy in presidential debates

Just what we need right about now: a new lie detector. Scott Bunce of the Drexel University's College of Medicine in Philadelphia has applied for a patent for a lie-detecting headband, using a near-infrared light that shines through the skull. That somehow gives the device a reading on how much oxygen is in the brain's blood and then displays its results right up front and center for all to see.

Might we suggest trying out a couple of these in Friday night's debate between presidential hopefuls Obama and McCain as shown above, perhaps equipped with red (for lies) and green (for truth) lights to show who's inflicting the most "truthiness" at any given moment. Or, Mr. Bunce could just equip both "magic lie detectors" with constantly flashing red lights and be assured of 100% accuracy.

Via New Scientist