HD Guru puts 125 HDTVs to the high-rez test with surprising results

The HD Gurus are hard workers. The video testing website's writers rounded up 125 HDTVs and hooked up sophisticated testing equipment to see which ones really were delivering the goods. We're constantly hearing lots of marketing bluster about that coveted 1080p, but are you really seeing every pixel of that resolution with HDTVs today? HD Guru's answer: unless you're watching a lot of still pictures on your HDTV, usually not.

Many of the LCD and plasma sets could deliver on the promise of 1080p resolution when displaying a static image, but most fell short of 1080 lines when the image was moving. Take a look at the Gurus' PDF table of HDTVs, and you'll see a surprising result: an LCD display, the 46-inch Samsung LN-46A950 (pictured above) won the prize for showing 100% of a moving image's detail, besting all the plasma sets in the test.

Coming in second were the darlings of the tech press, the two plasma displays from Pioneer which were able to display 900 lines of rez in motion. Going down the list, you'll notice the remnants of a phenomenon generally thought to be gospel, until now: Plasma HDTVs are generally better at resolving moving scenes than LCDs. Read 'em and weep, and then get an idea what your HDTV dollar will buy circa late 2008 here.

HD Guru, via Crave