Geek Girl and the City: HP unveils Vivienne Tam high fashion notebook

Recent history has shown us that high fashion designers teaming with hardware companies won't necessarily yield you a home run with consumers, but the trend continues nevertheless. With echoes of New York Fashion Week still reverberating, Hewlett Packard has unveiled a new laptop called the Digital Clutch Notebook designed by none other than Chinese fashion big shot Vivienne Tam.

Festooned with an oriental floral pattern, the intent of the collaboration was to create a notebook that looked more like a purse than a computer. Mission accomplished. But far from a purely superficial pass at notebook design, Tam also designed the computer's overall packaging and included a special "enter" key on the keyboard featuring the Chinese character meaning "double happiness." Although pricing has not been announced, the notebook your girlfriend or wife would kill for will be available next year here.

Via Design Boom