Gates and Seinfeld are terrible house guests in second Microsoft ad

"Why are we doing this again?" Asks Bill Gates to his comedic companion, who rests upon a pink-blanketed bed in a room with purple walls. Jerry Seinfeld replies: "Why, Bill? Because, as we discussed, you and I are a little out of it."

Microsoft's newest ad comes after last week's rather confusing commercial. Instead of churros and sneakers, we're treated to a four-and-a-half minute Seinfeldian sketch depicting the pair as house guests in an average suburban home. So what can we take from this? Last week's ad ended with the words: "The Future: Delicious." This week the theme is "Perpetually Connecting." No mention of Vista in either. Microsoft's ads feel less and less like a reply to Apple's knuckle-dusting, PC bashing commercials, and are more like a focused (albeit oblique) showcase of the benefits of computing in general. We'll just have to see where the ads take us, and if Microsoft is indeed working on a delicious computer.

They're quirky and flighty, but I can't help but like 'em.