Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D system teased in Germany

Never mind that people all over the world have repeatedly shown that they don't want 3D-anythingfilmmakers, HDTV set purveyors, and now camera manufacturers apparently have yet to hear the news. Fujifilm is the next techno-fashion victim, rolling out its twin-lensed FinePix Real 3D system at the big Photokina show in Germany. The company teases us with promises of 3D stills and movie shooting, an accompanying glasses-free 8.4-inch 3D photo frame, and even 3D printing.

We're supposed to get excited over this mysterious product intro, where no actual cameras were shown — just some spooky-looking pictures of a couple of lenses staring at us from the cloaked darkness. Pardon us, but haven't we seen this 3D gimmick haplessly attempted numerous times before? Seems like it rears its ugly head whenever home theaters catch up with movie theaters, or when cameras become commodities. Good luck this time, Fujifilm.

DP Review, via BB Gadgets