Fridge Fu: Japanese fridge sprays food with vitamin C to keep it fresh

We've seen (what previously we thought were) some amazing refrigerators around here — even high tech magnets — but this new chill box by Hitachi still has us raising an eyebrow. It sprays your goods with vitamin C, which is supposed to keep them fresh longer and combat odors. Vitamin C, according to Hitachi, causes meat to keep its color longer and retards nutrient loss in fish and vegetables.

In any case, we're not really pulling for these units to hit native shores. No reason to give that certain someone in your life an excuse to leave that gross jug of milk in the fridge even after it's turned into goo. "I thought the vitamin spray would make it into the carton!" You know who we're talking about.

The 602-liter units will cost $3,100.

Via Slippery Brick