Fleet of Mitsubishi i MIEV electric cars headed for Iceland

In a world gone electric-car crazy, Mitsubishi wants to show its mettle by taking over Iceland. The company's i MIEV (Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle) apparently passed its tests in Japan, and starting next year, Mitsubishi plans to roll out a fleet of the electric cars on the tiny, icy island nation. It's a perfect fit, because the car's 100-mile range doesn't matter much on an island where 75 percent of residents live within 37 miles of capitol city Reykjavik.

This is good news for a country that previously pinned its high hopes on using hopelessly impractical hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, now smartly abandoned in favor of electric cars. Good plan, because electricity is easy to come by in Iceland, furnished by the island's ubiquitous geothermal energy resources. Beyond Iceland, the I MIEV is one electro-car to watch, developing so quickly it might just beat the Chevy Volt to a worldwide market.

New York Times, via Treehugger