Ferrari station wagon is a crime against cars

Most of the time, if you're looking to buy a station wagon to tote the kids around to soccer practice in, you'll look at reasonable, sensible choices from regular old auto makers. If you're the Sultanate of Brunei, however, you'll look for something a bit more high-end. Like a Ferrari.

Yes, Ferrari created a custom, one-of-a-kind station wagon for the insanely rich family, putting a station wagon body on a Ferrari engine. It looks like some sort of cruel hybrid created in a lab, with the front end looking like a sports car and the back looking like a Subaru. Personally, I feel like if you've got the scratch you might as well just have a regular Ferrari for when you want to go tear it up and a sensible car for buying groceries, but that's why I'm not the Sultanate.

DoobyBrain, via New Launches