Eton P'9120 Porsche Design Clock Radio looks fast while standing still

This is not just any clock radio. This Etón P’9120 has that Porsche name on it, launching it into that brand and price stratosphere that makes you think you’re really getting something extraordinary. In this case, the storied trademark might almost be justified.

It does a lot of stuff, including docking up with your iPod, waking up you and the missus with dual alarms, hooking up with your XM satellite radio antenna, and generally looking pleasantly strange and minimalist with its three speakers and subwoofer nestled underneath. The only things missing are Wi-Fi connectivity for Internet radio, and we would prefer Sirius, seriously, but since XM and Sirius are merged into one, that issue is now moot.

While we’re not crazy about that grid-designed remote control that’ll have you flummoxed in the dark, Porsche tries to assuage its ergonomic guilt by building in a flashlight. Odd. Still, we’re slightly enchanted by Porsche Design’s engineering on this one. While we quake in fear of its $600 price, it still might be a worthy addition to the playboy’s nightstand.

Etón, via Wallpaper