3 pimped rides impress at DZINE show

We attended the opening of Chicago-based artist Dzine's new show at the Deitch gallery in Long Island City, New York on Sunday night to see some of the sparkliest vehicles in town. Dzine's new sculptures include a bright orange motor boat decked out with every kind of speaker imaginable (plus two LCD TVs on the back of the boat) and a complex blue bike with an attached throne as well as regular seat (and just as intense a speaker set up as the boat). The exhibit's coup de grâce was the red and gold bike with what looked like an engine mounted on its tail. The detailing on that one is real gold plating.

Dzine's vehicles all really work (and most have sold already, for exorbitant prices), but they're considered sculptures. The artist, who is of Peurto Rican descent, is "exploring the middle ground between Chicano lowrider street culture and contemporary art," and has combined "the pristine, cool of an art gallery and the seediness of the street," according to the gallery.

The exhibit included paintings as well as sculptures: the wall installation with "embellished turntable" pictured below won't take you anywhere, but it certainly looks cool.

via Deitch