Drama popcorn bowl and Measuring Towel, designs that conform to you

toweltape.jpgSome industrial designers create products that people must adapt to, but we think they have it all wrong. These two entries in the 100% Design show in London, billed as the UK's leading contemporary interiors event, are onto something. They're products that wrap themselves around you, conforming to human shapes and defining ergonomics.

Above, you see the designer Thorunn Arnadottir's "Drama," the ultimate popcorn bowl that fits your knee as perfectly as that banjo you picked up in California. You might not have had a problem balancing a popcorn bowl on your lap, but us, well, we get pretty rambunctious when it gets to be fourth and goal, so this might be just what we need. Drama? This might be perfect for this Sunday's next episode of Entourage.

Alongside this text, take a look at another idea conforming to the human shape, a towel with a tape measure on its edge. Obviously designed for svelte Europeans, this might not be a big hit in pleasingly plump America, where we probably are better off not knowing the circumference of our girth.

Thorun Design and Mimuun, via 100% Design and MoCo Loco