Dots Gloves let you keep texting, even on the frozen tundra

Living on the frozen tundra isn't easy in the wintertime, especially when you're a gadget freak. Like the chipmunks and squirrels scurrying around on these late summer days, we're already preparing for winter with these special Dots Gloves, making it easy to use our array of touchscreen and finger-sensitive devices without exposing our personal digits to sub-zero temperatures.

The one thing that worries us about these gloves is those very metal dots that make them work, but Dots makers assure us that the gloves' "smooth, curved " electro-sensitive points won't scratch up any of our precious screens. We suppose we could test them out on that drawer full of previous-generation Apple products just to be sure we don't mar the latest and shiniest.

If the claims are true, the comfort these gloves could offer in the frigid North might just be worth their $10-$15 price (depending on your choice of knit or rag wool fabric). Keep in mind, it's not too early to start thinking about gifts for that outdoorsy gadget lover in your life.

Dots, via Wired