Dosh Wallet is techno-posh

Who says wallets have to be made of dead animals? The $70 Dosh Wallet brings the transport of money and condoms into the 21st century with its weird semi-flexible plastic that holds all your most valuable stuff in a gummy-bear-like cocoon.

That space-age material ensures its water-resistance, so you’ll no longer hand over a soggy business card when your butt’s been sweating on a hot summer’s day. Imagine that. There are even hinged doors in there, closing off your keys and other items in their own little safe haven.

Go for the kooky and garishly colored orange model, or stay half-way conventional with the black- or brown-hued choices. And, if you're one who believes that animals are people too, you'll be happy to know that no critters of any kind were harmed in the making of these stylish accessories.

Lazybone, via 7 Gadgets