Dapper Peugeot Stylight has a big windshield for greater visibility, spinners come standard

The Peugeot design competition has yielded a lot of clever designs, from cars that can shape-shift, to one-seater personal transports, and cars with spheres for wheels. Now here's the Peugeot Stylight by Ognyan Bozhilov of Bulgaria: a three-seater hybrid, mid-engine car with a heavy, sleek body reminiscent of old '30s lead-sleds, if not for its pointed beak.

The Peugeot Stylight puts the driver in the center and has a big windshield and side-view windows for plenty of visibility. It's also got spinning 10-spoke rims mounted under a glowing Peugeot logo. The Stylight only has one tail light, which is installed with responsive LED lights that brighten the harder you press the brakes.

Check out the gallery below for more of the Peugeot Stylight.

Peugeot Stylight, via Auto Motto