Dalvey stainless steel mouse, the perfect polished pointer for corner office poseurs

Here's one swanky mouse. This fancy stainless steel number by Grands of Dalvey takes you back to the old days of Apple iMac puckitude, but this one's so fine it's suitable for engraving. It's more than just a pretty face, too, resolving 800dpi with its optical sensor, and packing an eerie blue backlight underneath its translucent wheel.

This $89 bauble might be the perfect pointer for the clueless suit who "doesn't feel a particular need to email," but wants to appear to be a computing hepcat. That shiny surface must be a fingerprint magnet. And the circular shape? Let's just say there is a good reason why Apple's ergonomics-ignoring puck-shaped mouse now resides atop the ash heap of tech history.

Via Gentleman's Gadgets