Crumpled table shows where you hide your stuff

Drawers are so last century. In today's world, we need our furniture to be conceptual as well as functional. Drawers may be functional, but what do they say about us other than that we have an unadventurous taste in furniture?

This crazy table, designed by Quentin Vaulot and Luiza Barroso, hides your stuff under what appears to be a crumpled end of the table. It looks like you've swept your belongings under the rug, so to speak. And since the underside of the table is made of a wire basket that's crumpled at the end, you can see what's under there, and stuff can dangle through. It's certainly a cool looking table, although you'd need to be willing to give up a big chunk of usable surface area to get the aesthetic that you want. All part of living in the 21st cetnury, I suppose.

Via Yanko Design