Confused BoomCooler can't be loaded up with ice

Party time, dude! Oh, awesome, I see you brought a cooler. That's just what this party needs, cause we're running a little dry, bro! I'm sure that's stacked to the hilt with frosty brews. This is why I invite you to these parties, because you're just so reliable, man!

Oh, what? It has a speaker built in? And because of that you couldn't put ice in it, because it'd break the speaker? So you didn't bring any beers? Dude, that's weak. I mean, I have a stereo. It's my party. Who brings their own stereo to a party? That's pretty weak, man. I thought you were cool. I guess I learned my lesson. Let's go, guys, this party is over.

BoomCooler, via Oh Gizmo!