Chrysler shows off GEM Peapod, the neighborhood electric vehicle/clown car

Take a golf cart, put a smiling face on the front and four seats inside, wrap it in a body that might have once been seen in an animated Disney feature, and what do you get? Peapod, Chrysler's answer for that pesky petroleum problem. The 1290-pound electric car is positioned as a neighborhood vehicle, aimed at planned communities, military bases, college campuses, and any other places where you won't get run over by poking along at a top speed of 25mph.

Don’t get us wrong — we love this little car with its four seats, iPod/iPhone dock, hands-free iPhone integration, 30-mile range (on a 6-8 hour charge from a standard 110-volt outlet), and kooky appearance that grows on you the more you look at it.

Could fill a niche, and we're sure Chrysler can get this cute conveyance on the road in 2009 as promised, because there are already 38,000 of its $10K predecessor on the road already. In 2000, Chrysler bought the North Dakota company formerly call GEM (but whose initials meant Global Electric Motorcars), and has now changed that name to GreenEcoMobility, added some cool design, and here's the result. So how about it, readers? Is Peapod the next-gen of neato electro-cars, or the next Segway?

GreenEcoMobility, via De Zeen