Chrysler loses it, goes on electric-vehicle building binge

The Dodge Boys are getting frustrated. While GM basks in all the accolades (and brickbats) for its Chevy Volt, Chrysler races to catch up, and now rolls out three prototypes of its own electric vehicles (EV) — a conventional-looking Jeep and minivan, and then its own Tesla copy, the Dodge EV. They're different from the Volt, though. While the Jeep and minivan use a gas generator similar to the Volt's, the Dodge EV doesn't burn a drop of gasoline at all.

The company says one of these three EVs will be on sale to the public in 2010. Please, let it be the Dodge EV All-electric performance Sports Car. Add to that the Peapod neighborhood electric vehicle we showed you yesterday, and Chrysler will be firmly entrenched in the electro-car derby.

The Dodge EV sports car looks curiously similar to the Tesla, for good reason because both bodies are built by Lotus. The Dodge EV will have similar specs, too, accelerating from 0-60 in under 5 seconds with a top speed of 120mph and a range of 150-200 miles. Let's just hope Chrysler can get that price down way lower than the Tesla's too-steep $109K.

Via Autoblog Green and on video here.