Castle Crasher (the green one) storms the Toledo Speedway

As you probably already know, the 24-hour LeMons race is this weekend at the Toledo Speedway. The LeMons, not to be confused with the LeMans, is limited to cars worth $500 and under. No, I'm not missing a zero. This is an endurance race for beaters.

I'm rooting for the BMW pictured above, owned by electrical engineer and amateur mechanic Dave McDonough. The paint job is by Castle Crashers fan Chris Duennes. I spoke with Eric Majkut, who describes his role on the team as follows: "I mostly just come up with stupid ideas, and then let the other guys do the hard work involved in actually implementing them." He'll also be a member of the pit crew. Check back Monday to see how they did and how the car fared.

And just to make things a little more interesting, check out this bit from the race's FAQ:


Oh, almost definitely. LeMons is a non-contact event, but it's a crowded track with a whole lot of really hard driving. And even if your car survives out on the course, halfway through the race one entry will be chosen by popular ballot for immediate crushing. Could be yours. Heck, it probably WILL be yours. Be prepared.

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