Build your own crazy three-wheeled hybrid car and save

We showed you the XR-3 hybrid vehicle back when it was merely a concept, but now it's the real deal, and it's unlike any other eco-friendly vehicle out there. How? Well, when you buy it, you get a DVD. On that DVD are instructions on how to build the vehicle. Yep, you've got to build this car yourself. Hope you're handy with tools!

Designer Robert Riley says that the materials should set you back about $25,000, but depending on what you use you could cut that down to a mere $7,500. Once you've got your XR-3 built, you'll have a three-wheeled vehicle that can travel at speeds of up to 80mpg and can take you 40 miles on a charge. When filled with biodiesel and in hybrid mode, it gets a whopping 225 miles per gallon, which is impressive to say the least

Via Inhabitat