Biocat Catamaran, the 110mph boat with a green soul

What's that red streak zipping across the waves at 110mph? It's the R8,8 Biocat Catamaran, and its Ferrari-like looks are complimented by a super-green biodiesel engine. Don't let its treehugging name fool you, though — it's a fire-breathing 29-footer with a V10 power plant, and if that's not enough for you, you can substitute a pair of V8s under the hood for extra umph.

The custom boat might not ever be for sale to the rest of us; this one was created for some oil-rich boat-racing dudes in Dubai, where the future already arrived about ten years ago. We think they're onto something, using race car styling for a go-fast boat. Now if they could just make it submersible and add wings and a jet engine, they'd have a passable flying sub.

Update: Hey, wait a second. You're right, that does look a whole lot like an Audi R8! Okay, now I get it. Duh.

German Car Scene
, via Ecofriend