Average Day Watch shows what everyone else is doing, in case you cared

Do you know someone who is constantly worrying about what other people are doing? Someone whose main purpose in life seems to be trying to be as normal and mainstream as possible? The Average Day Watch was made for that dude. In one continuous loop, this colorful wristwatch breaks down what's in the "average" day of most people, so you can look at it to see what the rest of the world — at least in some aggregate, non-real world — is doing at that particular moment. "Look, it's 5:30 — I'd better start socializing quick!"

Designer Kate Street probably put a little too much emphasis on TV watching than most people would be comfortable with, but just remember it's an average of everyone in the country. On a related note, I'm sorry for throwing that off, everyone. But there's just too much good stuff on!

You can get an Average Day Watch here for the tidy sum of 100 pounds, or about $180.

Mr. Jones Watches, via Thrillist