Art.Lebedev designs sexy less-is-more cell phone

We're big fans of the designers at Art.Lebedev studios. For their next trick, the creators of that hyper-ambitious keyboard with a video screen behind every key are trying their hands at a touchscreen cell phone. Its simple yet functional design pumps up the elegance but stays grounded with utility at the same time. We like it a lot.

It's tech-current, too, with support for WiMAX, Wi-Fi and all the latest cell phone protocols, and hey, unlike that first-gen T-Mobile G1 Android phone, it even has a headphone jack. It's also ready for video conferencing with video cameras on the front and back. Looks like fertile ground for that Google Android operating system. Click on Continue for one more closeup of this sexy cellie.


Art.Lebedev, via Gizmodo