AmpLamp, hottest speaker lamp ever made

We've seen speakers built into furniture before, of course — even lamps — though we like the AmpLamp best. The table lamp design is practical and posh, letting you add sound to a room without detracting from the décor. Indeed, the layered design only adds to it. It has respectable specs, too, boasting 80 watts of power including the built-in subwoofer in the base (though presumably not the bulb).

The speakers are hidden inside the lampshade, using a combination of technologies to create stereo sound from a single source. Instead of a conventional cone woofer, the main speaker uses NXT technology, which can turn any flat surface into a speaker. On top of that, AirSound tech uses tiny side-firing speakers that include the spatial information. When that sound reflects of your walls and interacts with the main speaker — presto, you've got stereo.

Designed by Dominic Bromley, the AmpLamp appears to be a concept/prototype at the moment (so no price or availability info yet), though judging from all the photography on the manufacturer's website, it looks closer to becoming real than a lot of other gadgets we've seen. We look forward to seeing and hearing it in action.

Futuros, via MoCo Loco