Alien-like Superstar floating city comes in peace (we hope)

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a Webstar! Actually, none of those are far from the truth. It's a Superstar. A floating, self-powered, self-regulated, self-contained metropolis.

Think that sounds nuts? Even when Beijing-based MAD designs something grounded in reality, it still look far-fetched and crazy: take the Sinosteel International Plaza in Tianjin, for instance. Now, MAD thought that the modern perception of Chinatown was becoming a little stale. How do they revamp it? By dreaming up the crystalline entity Superstar: A Mobile Chinatown, part of the "Uneternal City" exhibition at the Venice Architecture Biennale. From MAD:

It can land at every corner of the world... It's self-sustaining: it grows its own food, requires no resources from the host city, and recycles all of its waste; it's a living place, with authentic Chinese nature, health resorts, sports facilities and drinking water lakes; and it's a travelling Olympic party, that can journey to the host city every four years. There's even a digital cemetery, to remember the dead. The Superstar is a dream that's home to 15,000 people: there is no hierarchy, no hyponymy, but a fusion of technology and nature, future and humanity.

I just learned the word "hyponymy." Check out the gallery below for more, or click Continue to see a video of the Superstar.

MAD, via Dezeen