Yang Ying digital camera fills us with feelings of peace and tranquility

There's not a lot of info on this Yang Ying digital camera — just a few pictures of it on the designer's website. Still, that was enough to pique our interest, mainly because the idea is so damn cool: two flat, droplet-shaped halves connecting to become a round digital camera. One half holds the lens and LCD screen while the other appears to contain the flash memory and a USB port. That would mean no cables would be necessary to offload your digital pics to a PC, a nice bonus that’s inherent to the design.

It looks like the trigger is on the front of the camera, though… that's a little weird. Plus we can't find any sign of a flash. Despite those flaws, we've got to hand it to designer Kubasek Krzysztof. Not only is it an amazingly cool, eye-catching design, but his pictures of the cam look like actual photos, as opposed to Photoshop renderings. We wouldn't mind seeing the Yang Ying transition from concept to actual product. We promise not to try and eat it.

Kubasek Krzysztof, via DesignSpotter