Xi Classic Jukebox is not your Father's iPod dock

It may seem a bit odd to wrap something as 21st century as an iPod dock in a nostalgic 1940s style package, but we've seen plenty of retro style iPod tech before. The difference with the Xi Classic Jukebox is that despite the 1946 Wurlitzer inspired styling, it incorporates some pretty fancy modern technology for playing your tunes. A 150 watt per channel stereo amp drives a pair of three-way speakers, while the cover art or video info is displayed on the built in LCD screen. This thing is so huge, that your iPod almost gets lost on the front panel. Completing the experience, there's a multi-color LED lighting system that changes its pattern and color to fit the mood of the music.

The Xi Classic Jukebox is currently available in the UK, the main catch being its $11,000+ price tag.

Drinkstuff, via Born Rich