Wind powered Greenbird ready to break land speed record

You normally don't hear the terms green friendly and land speed record in the same sentence, although that may change if a group of tree hugging speed freaks from Britain get their way. Currently, they are poised on a dry lake bed in Australia waiting for favorable wind conditions, so they can attempt to break the wind driven land speed record which stands at 116.7 MPH. That might sound kind of slow compared to the jet powered record, but is still pretty amazing for something with zero carbon emissions.

The Greenbird captures the wind using a rigid sail similar to an aircraft wing, and this enables it to hit speeds that are 3 to 5 times the actual wind speed. Once they break the record on wheels,the team will move to Montana and fit The Greenbird with blades to break the ice vehicle record.

Breaking records is great, but The Greenbird's builders believe that wind powered vehicles can be practical too. Their follow up will be a road going version that you can drive to the mall.

The Greenbird, via T3 The Gadget Website