Week in Review: Biggest solar array ever, Cylons invade & more

The news was definitely covered in a deep shade of green this week, with plenty of eco-friendly technologies making noise. The biggest (literally) news was this solar array planned for India, said to be the largest ever. Also on the solar front, the Suntable gives you renewable power right in your backyard. And if you really want to go green, get ready to replace all your compact fluorescent lights with ESL (electron stimulated luminescent) bulbs when they become available next year.

More top stories in tech:

Tokyo lab develops E-Skin for next-gen robots
This brings us one step closer to creating robots that look and feel human. Kind of sounds like…

DVICE's Make a Cylon Contest winners, selected by Tricia Helfer and Grace Park
Centurions and raiders and skin jobs — oh my!

DVICE TV: Watch the Cylon Toaster make 3 kinds of frakkin’ awesome toast
They have a plan… to make breakfast crunchy.

Build the Taj Mahal out of 5900 LEGO pieces, the biggest LEGO set ever made
This one won’t take 22 years and 22,000 workers.

Styrofoam dome houses — much cooler concept than it sounds like
Having your neighborhood look like Smurf Village is a bonus.

Putter Bot takes care of your short game for you
It wheels up to your ball, lines up the shot, and hits it with the perfect amount of power. When's lunch?

Olympic DiveCam secrets revealed
How they get a camera to follow divers from the platform all the way under the water.