Week in Review: Amazing technology in plain sight

They look like everyday objects, but each one highlights a cutting-edge technology. Clothes that won't stain. Pizza cut by a laser. A light bulb that gets power from the air. And a woman who can speak and move but isn't real. Each one a familiar situation, each one turned on its head by technology. This is where our civilization's cleverness is most visible — at the barrier between what we're just able to do and what we do every day, where our ordinary lives meet extraordinary ideas, the moment when our expectations aren't just changed, but expanded and inspired across to entire kingdoms of possibility — a little place we like to call… DVICE.

The top tech stories from the week:

Lunocet Monofin lets you swim faster than Phelps, jump like a dolphin
You won't win any medals, but you'll be going so fast you won't care.

Sonance Kayak speaker rocks like a stereo pair, looks sexy doing it
It does the work of stereo speakers, but you'll want two anyway.

Wind-powered Greenbird ready to break land speed record
A triumph for wind power.

The 11 hottest tube amps you can buy
This list goes to eleven!

Pneumatic Cybertek Wings fly straight out of a cyberpunk wet dream
Personal wings that expand at the flick of a switch.

$1.69 million personal submarine is a real bargain
Most important: it's lightweight enough for you to keep it on the back of your yacht.

SHIFT: Obama's secret weapon — the cellphone
Senator, young voters are calling. And not getting polled.

AirKick human catapult slam-dunks brave riders
Never mind that this is a lawsuit waiting to happen.